What it’s like to work at Sphere

What it’s like to work at Sphere

Sphere is a vision-driven company. As a result, we work harder than the average company, not just smarter. We know that as our success builds upon itself, so does the impact we have on people’s lives. So I thought I’d lay out what it’s like on the inside. Our company culture gives an idea but here’s a day-to-day account.

First, our team is fully remote. This means Mattermost chats and Skype calls. That said, we function just like a traditional office. You’ll be pinged about your work mostly between Monday and Friday, but as an early startup, we also work most weekends. Everyone has a different schedule but everyone’s always working.

Why do we work hard? Because we want to. And why should you ever join a team where you don’t?

My view on work-life balance is as follows: work is not a negative to be offset, it makes the difference between success and failure. Work as hard and as much as you possibly can except when you can’t. And for the times when you can’t, help the rest of the team pick up from where you left off. If it so happens that you have a personal obligation as one of our important deadlines looms, don’t let the team hang out to dry. Think of ways that you can make it up, and if you can’t think of any, ask how.

It’s hard for us to understand why anyone would ever behave differently and it’s in both your and our best interest. You could work at an advertising behemoth or contribute to societal collapse but what would be the meaning in that? Given that we’re competing against these large companies and we want our vision to prevail, we work hard.

Think about what you’ve spent your life working on so far: has it left a positive impact? Isn’t there more you could do?